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This is just a spacer but RadioActive Radios would like to remind you that we specialize in cb radios, ham radios, antennas, microphones, 10 meter radios and other accessories to enhance your CB radio experience. Just look above.

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This is just a divider but RadioActive Radios would like to remind you that we specialize in 10 meter radios, antennas, cb radios, microphones, ham radios, and other accessories to enhance your CB radio experience. Just look to your left.


We highly suggest many mods to our customers for both new and used radios. Check out just a few that are available.

  • RCI Ranger 2950/2970/2995DX Custom Lighting Mod
    Have a RCI 2950DX radio and sick of seeing the green display? On older models of the RCI 2950 the original type orange display was very easy to change the color of the lights on. They called them jimmy caps, a plastic piece that slipped over the bulb that allowed the color to be changed easily. On newer "DX" models and "N2s" its not so easy in fact its pretty darn hard. However the lights can be changed by us to any color you want, done only by a few shops out there (we only know of one other place at this time). It's alot more difficult to do on these chassis and shops just don't offer it. However here at RadioActiveRadios.com we love being on the top of the technical world (ask your shop if they do our mods!) and do stuff first or stuff nobody does. You can now change your RCI 2950DX, RCI 2970DX, RCI 2970N2, RCI 2995DX, and RCI 2985DX Ranger to any color you'd like. Thats not good enough for you??? Want your display to be Blue one second, hit a button and red the next? Well how about red one second, green the next hit of the button, then red, then orange?!!! That still doesn't impress you? How about your display is always to different colors? How about your display changes itself! Ok you get the point the options are endless. We can also change keypad lights as well, and of course the meter!......Most people have us just do one color on TX and one on RX...but the choice is yours.. Soon we'll be adding a mod that allows you to put your call sign or handle on the LED display, maybe a pic of your wife or truck or whatever else you want!!!!! Thats coming soon too....

    Blue 2950DX on Receive

    Custom RCI 2950DX "Red" on TX

    This is a very affordable mod that nearly everyone can benefit from. Many radios made today do not have the parts needed to discharge inside the radio (electic) static that comes in from the antenna system. If your have ever blown output transistors (finals) and you know for a fact your antenna swr was perfect, coax good, and still scratch your head why static build up could be the cause. For around $5 we can protect your radio from this parts killer, and your wallet will thank you in the long run. This mod can't quarantee that it will protect it to the point of no damage but the likelyhood is greatly reduced. Available in both Phase I and Phase II for even more protection.

  • Timing Module MOD
    Recently we had a request for a mod to be done by a professional radio user that is now available to the public. The customer needed to be able to record something (and change the recording from time to time) and have that recording play back by itself over the airwaves every 30 mins by itself with no maintenance on a base station. We are proud to offer the Timing Module after another professional heard the results and needed the same mod done since our first customer was so satisfied. Being a true technical shop we love super custom mods and this mod is ready for sale! If you need to play something, literally anything you record (while you sleep, drinking a cold one, mowing the lawn ect LOL) this mod is for you. We can make it play the recording at any time interval you want. 10 min, 15min, 30 mins, 1 hr whatever! Available for base stations, and soon to be a mobile radio verison released.

  • LED Frequency Indicator MOD for Clarifiers
    When people open or install a 10 turn clarifier its easy to get lost where you are in frequency. Are you above or below.
    below frequency
    on frequency
    above frequency
    With the LED indicator mod, we can install two LEDS. Note that when you're below freq the "RED" light is on the radio is below frequency. When both LEDS are lighted your on frequency. When the "Blue" LED is lighted you're above frequency. This is a awesome feature for a open clarifier, and a must have for a 10 turn Clarifier. You'll always know in a flash where you are on the band. The pics are just a example. We can vary the location of the LEDS, or Colors of the LEDs for this mod.

  • 2nd Antenna Jack for Dual Band Operation
    Do you talk two bands on one radio? Are your SWR good on one band however high on the other? Let us install for you (2) Antenna Jacks on the back of your radio. We also add a custom built switching circuit that automaticly detects what chn/band your on, and will use the correct antenna. Two antennas are required for this modification. One is used for your primary operating band, the other used for your secondary band. Low SWRs on both bands at last!

  • Reading Lamp LED mod
    If you've ever needed just a little extra light in the cab, or dash have us install LED bulbs on the bottom cover of your radio. This modification usually includes 1-2 or 3 LED light bulbs, and a on/off switch so you can see better at night when needed.

  • Red "Alarm" Flashing LED mod
    Most thieves know what a red flashing bulb means in your car/truck.....you've got a alarm. Well, have us install a flashing RED LED on your radio, and have them think your radios/truck is alarmed!

  • Nitro Knobs
    Nitro Knobs installed in many colors here! Blue Nitro Knobs are popular, so jump aboard the Nitro Knob Express and get your new or old radio NITRO.

    Have you ever seen nitro knobs on a 2970N2? Well we never have. Why? You must actually modify the front metal chassis internally to do the mod. We love a good challange! Not "cheap" since the metal work takes us sometime, but sure is unique, and looks awesome! Another RadioActive Radio first!!!! (you may have noticed this one, the customer wanted the upside down version as well)

  • Amplifed Radio Fan Mod
    Own a amplified radio and want it to run alot cooler? Ever smell the amp getting hot, and maybe even your radio starts to drift until you let is cool off? Well if you love big radios, and are a big talker, then our custom fan mods maybe for you. Many models can benefit from a professional install of input and exhaust fans to keep your radio tons cooler. We've tracked this with a thermal heat gun, and the change is night and day after the fan(s) mod!

  • Amplified Radio Fuse Mod
    Wonder what would happen to your amplified radio if it ever had a short? Why is your amplifier fused, but your radio itself is not? What do you think will happen to your radios deck if your amplifier shorts, or power wire shorts? Its going to be more black then the backyard BBQ on SuperBowl Sunday. Have us install fusing for the radios RF deck itself, and save yourself a fire!

  • Remote TalkBack Speaker Mod
    We've developed this mod because of the amount of people over the years who really love talkback. If you run talkback you might find this mod a must have. Now you can use one external speaker and mount it where ever you'd like just for your talkback, the other external speaker just for your receive. Add variable talkback and you've got yourself one heck of a awesome talkback setup!

  • Variable RF Power in Non Variable Radios
    We can always install a variable knob in your radio to make the RF power variable. However on some chassis for example like a General Lee we can install the variable power knob in the same location as your hi/low RF power switch from the factory. This way it looks about as close as it gets to a factory feature. Super Clean, and very popular with the amp running crowd!

  • SuperRx
    Others claim massive improvements in receive, this is untrue. Our Super Receive "SuperRx" gets you 10-40% on avg more Receive without distortion. Be careful, bad RX alignments can ruin your Rx with alot more noise. Our SuperRx is now new, and improved. Its highly recommended. "Less noise, more signal"

  • 3 Position Close Talking Switch
    This mod is already replacing the 2 position for many of our radios. On our 3 position close talking switch you have several available settings. #1 SuperWackPacked Mode, if your wanting max audio this is the setting you want to be in. #2 Normal Mode, If you want your radio to act more like a standard mild tuned up radio for med talking use this setting. #3 Close Talking, this setting is for truck to truck talking, guard shack, dispatch, or any other place your talking near someone else. If you ever hear "turn down that darn big radio I cant understand you!" then you already know why this is one of our most popular mods. Valid CDL holders still get this mod for less!

  • DC Line Noise Filter aka "noise filter"
    The DC line filter isnt new, but we figured we'd start advertising it. Why? Well we are getting in MANY radios that have had this mod done by other shop(s) and its done wrong. What they are using is a choke with over 15' of #22 wire (or like it) on the choke which customers are noticing their radios aren't talking very well at all. Well 15' of #22 wire wound will sure create alot of loss!
    Filtering our DC line noise isn't a bad idea at all, and when done right can be a nice inexpensive mod to do on many radios.

  • Relay TalkBack
    We can offer this mod, but some can say its "kinda" a scam. When installing relay talkback it serves little or no purpose. Variable talkback allows the user to adjust the talkback volume so you can hear it with no squeal. However relay talkback makes the shop more money when you buy your radio! Plain and simple. Why then put it on the list of modifications. Well if your radio arrives and its been having some unusual transmit issues, and this mod has been done to your radio, you may know why now. We've noticed the relay talkbacks not having the correct diode/cap combos to prevent voltage spikes even. All not good for your radio! We'll reverse this, and correct the issue for you. What is confusing is if you install the relay, why not just finish the mod and install a variable pot so the customer can control the volume?

  • Photosensor LED mod!
    Yes RadioActive Radio is always coming out with the best mods on the planet. They can say what they will but the proof is in the mods! We are the first to come out with a photosensor LED mod on new 10 meter radios. Do you want the LED mod done to lower the brightness and prolong the life of the LED display? Well now we can do it 3 ways. You've already seen the standard LED mod that works terrific in lowering the LEDs so you can see it better at night. We can add it to a high/low switch even. But now you can have the radio do it for you! We add a photo sensor to the front panel of the radio so when its bright out the LED display is brighter, then at night when the cabs darker the display lowers itself.

  • Up/Down Channel buttons:
    If you own a RCI 2950DX, RCI 2970DX, RCI 2995DX and want your mic to have up/down channel buttons, we install them in all RK56, and Astatic 636L microphones (plus most any other mics). If your ordering a RCI Ranger radio from us, or we are servicing your RCI radio, at the same time, we can also install shift on the mic, so you can adjust frequency as well, up/down channels.

  • LED Channel Mod
    Lower those Super Bright LEDs and make the Channel Display last longer.
    Available in either preset (suggested) or on a switch for brighter or softer.

  • Amp on/off switch
    If you run a amplified radio, then why not shut the amp off when not in use.

  • Instant Channel Switch
    No 10m radios offer instant channel switches, but we do. Tell us what channel you run, and we can get you there in a flip of a switch.

  • Splash Guard AKA Bleed Over Filter
    Are you getting sick of going to another channel and getting splashed by someone with a ton of audio....add a splash guard! We recently updated this modification. We are now engineering all splash guards inhouse. Custom built for "your radio" not a generic premade module. Our splash guards are state of the art. We've engineered them to fit even in the tightest locations. This mod enhances receive in many ways! Hear better becuase of less splash and tigher receive! Works best with SuperRx! This is a very popular modification for all our brands.

  • Upside down RCI 2970N2
    Many people that have this amplified radio want the amplifier to be on the top of the radio so it cools faster, we'll flip your 2970N2 around! Radio Operates cooler!
    (note the one in the pic is upside modded, however you also may notice we took out the channel selector in this unit, and added a 10 turn clairifer in its place with the clarifier led mod so the user can tell if they are above/below or on frequency)

  • RCI Channel Buttons
    Speaking of RCI radios like the 2950DX, 2970DX, want up/down channel buttons added to your mic? We do that too. Some shops that still add the buttons add them to the top of the mic. While we can do that too if you want, notice that these buttons are more ergonomically correct. Much easier to change the channel!

  • RCI Clarifier
    Still with us on RCI radios? How about adding a 10 turn clarifier so when on SSB in the mobile, you can fine tune the other guy super easy.

  • SSB radios
    Why not open the clarifier for max range on any SSB chassis.

  • Switches
    Have a need for lower audio at times? We can add a switch for:
    • SuperWackPacked (or Max distance "DX")
    • Normal Distance (100% audio for less splash)
    • Short Distance (for when you're running with someone and only need to talk short range)

  • Variable talkback
    For you talkback lovers with on/off switches. Allow you to adjust the volume of the talkback without squealing. We use top of the line modules only for the best results.

  • Heavy Duty Mods
    Truck bounce up/down alot? Well the most common repair is the 8v regulator breaking. Why? Where you thumb screws screw into the radio, as your tightening the screws your flexing the chassis. The 8v regulator is right near the thumb screws and can actually break off the circuit board. We solve this with the 8v regulator mod, and relocate the regulator. We also seal your SO-239, and mic jack so they don't rattle loose. Other heavy duty mods are available as well.

  • Smoke Mod
    If you have ever seen smoke coming out of the backside of your cb radio because you reversed the wiring when doing a install you know about "smoke" that comes out of the back of the cb radio, 10m radio! Most cb radios contain a reverse polarity diode in them so if you do reverse the wires you'll blow the diode, and hopefully not damage your cb radio to a great extent. Well many times when you do this the cb radios output transistors also blow causing you to have a expensive "unexpected" cb repair. Traces/Caps/Finals or other parts can still blow. We offer 2 stages (well really 3 but read on) of reverse polarity protection. One protects your cbs output section, the second protects your output section and will reset automatically so you never have to open the radio again after crossing the wires. The third not really recommended but as a technical shop we like to push the envolope and you can run the radio with your wired crossed all day long with no damage. However the cb radios, 10m radios output power levels will have to be sacrificed for the 3rd way!

  • Record Modules
    Wanna record yourself, record over the air (to let people know how wonderful their non RadioActive Radios sound!) or record your own noise toy? We can sell you the noise toy cds' Well get a record module and start recording!

  • 2 postion "Close-Talking-Switch"
    Sick of pulling up to the guard shack/gravel pit/truck stop etc having to fumble with knobs when people tell you to "turn down your radio" Truckers often love getting the two position Close Talking Switch. Flip a switch and talk to the guy right next to you. Base stations like it for night talking when your next door neighbors gripe when your talking when they are home. Or if you like to run a odd chn to keep away from the other guys, and you don't want to splash (if your the one getting splashed GET A SPLASH GUARD!) and let them know where you are, this is for you. If you're a trucker with a valid CDL, you get a discount on this mod! Without drivers the radio industry for the most part wouldn't be around. We thank you for the hours you put in behind the wheel, and this mod is more of a tool for you then a simple modification.

  • Own or want to buy a Galaxy 919, 929, or 979 since they are smaller chassis and maybe the only one to fit in the overhead? Well we can SuperWackPack them, add a (2nd) output transistor for true "dual finals", echo/reverb, Extra Channels and more! They'll talk phat, and still be small.

  • The other guys offer things like "roger farts", and such, we can do that too, but are more proud of our super custom mods!

Want a specific mod that is not on this list? Let us know! Also check back as the list will be added to. These are just a few of the common ones we do at RadioActive Radio.

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